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  • Ageing: Joven
  • Winery: Emina Winery

Emina Verdejo 2020



Salads, rice dishes, seafood, cheese, fish, Olivier salad... It pairs amazingly with half-cured cheese.

Emina Verdejo Fermentado en Barrica 2017



Due to its maturation in oak barrels, this wine is very versatile for pairing with any food, whether with meat or fish. Great to accompany the whole lunch or dinner. Ideal for white meats, beans, as well as oily and white fish.

Emina Rosé Prestigio 2019



Emina Rosé Prestigio pairs perfectly with dishes that have a strong exotic character: Thai, Japanese, Chinese. It is also perfect for cheese, fish, or salads. It is a magnificent wine for a quiet conversation or a joyful moment, as drinking it is already a whole experience.

Emina Sauvignon 2019



Excellent for tasting paired with an appetizer and perfect for enjoying together with seafood, fish, pasta, rice dishes, salads... Emina Sauvignon is a perfect wine for any meal, which turns it into one of the most popular and worldwide valued white grape varieties that reaches its ultimate expression in this place.

Emina Rosé 2019



Excellent to enjoy in glasses during spring and summer. It pairs wonderfully with pasta, seafood, rice, pizza, cheese...

Emina Espumoso Brut Nature



Cold meats, poultry, stews, seafood, or slightly spicy food pair perfectly with this high end sparkling wine. Ideal for pastry and Christmas sweets such as nougat and marzipan.

copy of Granza Roble Ecológico Toro 2016


Granza roble (Denominación de Origen Toro) elaborado con uvas ecológicas de nuestra parcela de Valdelapila en Toro. Un viñedo que ha sido preparado desde hace más de 5 años para ir poco a poco tratándolo de manera natural para conseguir un vino suave y natural. La fermentación se hace a partir de levaduras propias procedentes de esta región. Pasa 6 meses en barrica.

MARIDAJE: Nuestra sugerencia es el maridaje de este vino con quesos, pastas y arroces, pero también con carnes y pescados azules.