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  • Vintage: 2002
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Denomination of Origin: Cigales
  • Brand: EMINA
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Valdelosfrailes Crianza 2014

€10.76 -25% €8.07


The perfect accompaniment to Valdelosfrailes Crianza are warm salads, soups, beans, meat carpaccios, lamb, cured cheese and poultry stews.


Valdelosfrailes Rosado 2019

€5.59 -25% €4.19


Excellent for tasting. It can be enjoyed with pasta salads, escabeche on toast, cheese or pickles, ceviches, seafood or vegetable cold creams, white fish, calamari and octopus.

copy of Cyan Prestigio 2005



Cyan Prestigio is magnificent for enjoying a pairing with cheese and cured meats. A wine that goes well with barbecues, meat stews, lamb, oxtail and Iberian cured meats.

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