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  • Price: €17.00 - €21.00
  • Ageing: Crianza
  • Brand: CM
  • Brand: OINOZ

Oinoz by Claude Gros 2014



It is a wine that pairs perfectly with roast suckling pig or lechal lamb, lamb ribs, game stews, pâtés or foies, cured cheese, or red meats.

Oinoz Crianza 2014 - Magnum 150 cl



Oinoz Crianza is a wine that pairs perfectly with Rioja-style potatoes, beans, cocido, casseroles, white meats with sauce, roasted red meats, goat cheese and cured meats.

CM 2016-Estuche de Madera-75 cl



CM is an excellent wine for any pairing. We suggest pairing it with any kind of beans, meats, stews and roasts. It can be drunk alone before meals, with appetisers, cured meats, cheese and white and oily fish.