WIN 5.0 Verdejo Frizzante (5% alcohol)

Descuento hasta final de existencias MARIDAJE: Independientemente de con qué tomemos este vino, es fundamental servirlo muy frío. Este tipo de vino marida perfectamente con ahumados, pescados, pastas incluso mariscos…

WIN 5.0 Rosé Frizzante (5% alcohol) -75 CL

WIN 5.0 Rosé, vino rosado frizzante, con bajo contenido en alcohol (5%), vegano y sin gluten, elaborado a partir de uvas de las variedades Tempranillo y Verdejo. WIN es un nuevo producto dentro de los llamados frizzantes, son vinos ligeros, frescos, frutados y generalmente dulces. Un vino fresco y chispeante. Color picota medio con irisaciones amoratadas,...
D.O. Ribera del Duero

Rento 2015

PairingPairing Rento is very easy because it is perfect for any dish. We suggest accompanying it with stews, casseroles, red meats and barbecues. Ideal for white and oily fish.Tasting and experiencing it is already a pleasure.
D.O. Ribeiro

Casar de Vide Treixadura 2019

Casar de Vide Treixadura 2019, es un Ribeiro con un medido coupage de las más selectas variedades de esta zona ancestral.La treixadura combina a la perfección con el albariño, el godello y la torrontés, para llegar a este vino especial y personal.
D.O.C.a Rioja

CM 2016

Pairing CM is an excellent wine for any pairing. We suggest pairing it with any kind of beans, meats, stews and roasts. It can be drunk alone before meals, with appetisers, cured meats, cheese and white and oily fish.
PAIRINGDue to its maturation in oak barrels, this wine is very versatile for pairing with any food, whether with meat or fish. Great to accompany the whole lunch or dinner. Ideal for white meats, beans, as well as oily and white fish.
D.O. Ribera del Duero

Emina Crianza 2017

PAIRINGIt is a perfect red wine for any pairing. Good pairing with garlic soups, Castilian cocido, beans, rice, red meats, pasta, cheese and an excellent pairing with sautéed vegetables.
Melior de Matarromera... Melior de Matarromera... 2
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D.O. Rueda

Melior de Matarromera Verdejo 2020

A blend of wisdom and freshnessFantastic to drink with friends, it is a must when accompanying fish, salads, grilled vegetables or crudités, seafood.
D.O. Ribera del Duero

Emina Reserva 2014

PAIRINGIt pairs perfectly with red meats, even game meats, with the traditional Castilian lechal lamb and suckling pig, as well as with baked fish or cured cheese.
Melior de Matarromera... Melior de Matarromera... 2
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Vigorous and intense wine tears Easy to understand, easy to enjoy. Pair it with fish and salads, or simply enjoy a glass of this wine on its own.
Emina Rosé 2019 Emina Rosé 2019 2
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Emina Rosé 2019

Emina Rosé has a modern profile that pairs perfectly with any moment. 
D.O. Rueda

Emina Espumoso Brut Nature

PAIRINGCold meats, poultry, stews, seafood, or slightly spicy food pair perfectly with this high end sparkling wine. Ideal for pastry and Christmas sweets such as nougat and marzipan.
Red Wines

Melior 3 2016

Coupage of sensations Perfect for accompanying dishes such as a beef cheek ragout in red wine or a roast shoulder of lamb.
D.O.C.a Rioja

Oinoz Crianza 2016

Pairing  Oinoz Crianza is a wine that pairs perfectly with Rioja-style potatoes, beans, cocido, casseroles, white meats with sauce, roasted red meats, goat cheese and cured meats.
Vino Ecológico

Granza Roble Ecológico Toro 2016

Granza roble (Denominación de Origen Toro) elaborado con uvas ecológicas de nuestra parcela de Valdelapila en Toro. Un viñedo que ha sido preparado desde hace más de 5 años para ir poco a poco tratándolo de manera natural para conseguir un vino suave y natural. La fermentación se hace a partir de levaduras propias procedentes de esta región. Pasa 6...
D.O.C.a Rioja

CM Prestigio 2015

Pairing To be enjoyed slowly in order to savour all its nuances with meat stews, ribs, roasts, fish, meats, sausages and cured cheese.
D.O. Cigales

Valdelosfrailes Reserva 2015

PAIRINGValdelosfrailes Reserva is the perfect accompaniment to braised red meats, beans, chocolate desserts, offal dishes, sweetbread or tripe. A sublime wine to enjoy a Castilian lechal lamb.
D.O.C.a Rioja

Oinoz by Claude Gros 2014

PairingIt is a wine that pairs perfectly with roast suckling pig or lechal lamb, lamb ribs, game stews, pâtés or foies, cured cheese, or red meats.
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