D.O. Cigales

D.O. Cigales

Valdelosfrailes Reserva 2015

PAIRINGValdelosfrailes Reserva is the perfect accompaniment to braised red meats, beans, chocolate desserts, offal dishes, sweetbread or tripe. A sublime wine to enjoy a Castilian lechal lamb.
D.O. Cigales

Valdelosfrailes Pago de las Costanas 2006

PairingSuch a special wine should be paired with special dishes such as freshly-cooked meat on the stone, cured cheese and singular cheeses. It is perfect to accompany dishes with foie or mushrooms.
Valdelosfrailes Crianza 2014 Valdelosfrailes Crianza 2014 2
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D.O. Cigales

Valdelosfrailes Crianza 2014

PAIRINGThe perfect accompaniment to Valdelosfrailes Crianza are warm salads, soups, beans, meat carpaccios, lamb, cured cheese and poultry stews.
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