Matarromera Prestigio 2015-75 cl- Estuche de Madera


Finding inspiration in every detail

It is the perfect wine to surprise and amaze you, and to accompany a good Castilian roast lamb or some fine cured cheese.

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Ribera del Duero

MatarromeraPrestigio was conceived with three objectives: To create a unique, special, and different wine, a reflection of its excellent vineyards in Valbuena de Duero; to break with the rules of wine ageing (crianza, reserva, gran reserva, etc.); and to satisfy the creative yearning of its winemaker. In this regard, it is only made in vintages considered excellent. Although it is a wine that follows its own rules, its philosophy is grounded to a nine-month ageing in French oak barrels, and another nine-month ageing in American oak barrels. It then stands for two years in the bottle. The enormous quality and unique nature of its grapes and the care that goes into harvesting them are, nowadays, simply taken for granted. What can the maker of this unique red wine from Ribera del Duero surprise us with?


1. Its bouquet offers clear notes of Chinese ink and imposing freshness.

2. Its extraordinary persistent flavour on the palate is to be underlined. To finish with, its spicy notes, such as clove and thyme from the French oak, come to the fore.

3. Intense, again thanks to the calcareous terroir, with clear Mediterranean influences in its maturity and elegant concentration that awakens the senses.

4. Peculiar and special, just like any work of art. Comprehensive experience.

5. One word: Exclusivity.

Data sheet

Bodega Matarromera
Denomination of Origin
Ribera del Duero
Bottle Size
75 cl.
List of Ingredients
Wine produced from grapes
Contains sulfites
750 ml
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Service Temperature
Serve at 16-18º.
Business Name
Country of Origin
Alcoholic Strenght

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CM Prestigio 2015



To be enjoyed slowly in order to savour all its nuances with meat stews, ribs, roasts, fish, meats, sausages and cured cheese.

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Matarromera Reserva 2003


Matarromera Reserva (Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero)  procede de los viñedos que la bodega posee en Olivares de Duero. La uva de la variedad Tempranillo con la que se elabora Matarromera Reserva se selecciona minuciosamente con extremo cuidado. El vino tinto que resulta de dicho  proceso es complejo, sedoso y muy elegante. La crianza en barrica de roble americano y francés tiene lugar durante 18 meses. Tras dos años en botella, el vino estará listo para saciar los más exigentes. 

MARIDAJE: Es un vino perfecto para acompañar todo tipo de carnes, ideal para barbacoas, incluso con platos picantes. También los pescados azules son perfectos compañeros para este tinto. 

Melior de Matarromera Tinto Roble 2018


Expression of wisdom, youth, and vitality

It is perfect for a social drink, aperitifs, and cured meats. Meat is also a great ally when it comes to enhancing Melior's attributes.

Matarromera Crianza 2017-75 cl-Estuche de Madera


Excelencia en cada copa

¿Cómo maridarlo? Además del queso y jamón ibérico, proponemos cualquier tipo de carne, tanto blanca como roja. Pero también es perfecto para platos de pasta o arroces. La clave está en disfrutar de cada copa.

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Matarromera Pago de las Solanas 2000


Cuando el sol acaricia los brotes de los sueños

Estamos ante un vino perfecto para beberlo solo. Pero se puede acompañar con una carne asada, incluso, de caza, jamón ibérico, foie y quesos. Una sugerencia: Atrévete a maridarlo con chocolate.

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Matarromera Gran Reserva 1999


El tiempo cobra sentido con Matarromera Gran Reserva (Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero). Un total de 24 meses en barrica de roble francés y americano, seguidos de 36 meses en botella, son necesarios para el nacimiento de esta joya enológica. Matarromera Gran Reserva hace honor a su nombre, es un tinto elaborado con mimo a partir de viñedos propios de Tempranillo del valle del Duero, entre Olivares y Valbuena de Duero. 

MARIDAJE: Matarromera Gran Reserva es perfecto para acompañar todo tipo de carnes, arroces, legumbres… Sin duda merece la pena esperar un total de cinco años hasta ver nacer Matarromera Gran Reserva. Un vino realmente especial y singular que habla de la historia de la Ribera del Duero

Rento 2015- Botellón 3L- Estuche de madera de REGALO



Pairing Rento is very easy because it is perfect for any dish. We suggest accompanying it with stews, casseroles, red meats and barbecues. Ideal for white and oily fish.

Tasting and experiencing it is already a pleasure.

Matarromera Crianza 2017-Estuche de MADERA 2 botellas 75cl


Excellence by the glass

What food can it be paired with? In addition to Iberian ham and cheese, we recommend any type of meat, both white and red. But it is also perfect for pasta or rice dishes. The key is to enjoy every glass.

Rento 2015- Magnum 150 cl - Estuche de madera de REGALO



Pairing Rento is very easy because it is perfect for any dish. We suggest accompanying it with stews, casseroles, red meats and barbecues. Ideal for white and oily fish.

Tasting and experiencing it is already a pleasure.

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CM 2016



CM is an excellent wine for any pairing. We suggest pairing it with any kind of beans, meats, stews and roasts. It can be drunk alone before meals, with appetisers, cured meats, cheese and white and oily fish.